Commercial Painting in Ottawa: Choosing Colours for Your Office

  • Posted On: February 7, 2022
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Choosing paint colours for your home is quite easy, as you can be as bold or minimalistic as you’d like.

On the other hand, choosing office paint colours is a bit more tricky. Wall colours have a great influence on the type of atmosphere you’re trying to create. They can affect your employees energy, creativity, and productivity.

While neutral tones seem to be the classic choice, there are a variety of other colours that boost your focus while creating that calm environment you’re seeking.

Colour psychology plays a big role in setting the mood for a space, and while no one has the time to read a book on the subject, there are a few key concepts that will help you decide on the perfect paint colour for your office.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Paint Colours

Choosing the right paint colour can be a challenging task, especially when trying to create a certain environment.

Start by thinking about the purpose of the space. Some colours, such as shades of red and orange, are used to make a bold statement whereas muted shades create a professional atmosphere.

An important element to consider is the amount of natural lighting your office space receives. Rooms with minimal natural light benefit from using lighter shades as it will make the space seem brighter and larger.

If your office receives a generous amount of sunlight, choosing darker colours will create a more intimate and cozy ambiance.

Colour’s Effect on Employee Productivity

Selecting a paint colour solely based on your personal style may have the wrong impact.

Stark white walls have been advised against due to them providing a “sterile and clinical appearance.” That being said, painting walls an off-white or beige colour will soften the clinical feel while maintaining the clean and welcoming setting that white provides.

choosing paint colours for an office space

Intense hues, while fun to look at and boost energy, are not helpful in an office where a lot of thinking and collaborating is required.

Soft or muted shades of blue are often used to create physical states of calm, tranquility, and relaxation. This allows employees to stay productive and focus better on the task at hand.

The colour green, no matter the shade, is usually associated with nature, balance, and growth. Work spaces that are typically filled with stress can greatly benefit from having a calm mood.

Red and orange spaces invoke feelings of playfulness, creativity, and energy. These colour are mainly used when trying to portray a less serious atmosphere, but should not be used on all four walls.

Being constantly surrounded by bold colours can become overwhelming and decrease productivity.

Professional Commercial Painters in Ottawa

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