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    Expert Wallpaper Installation and Removal Services in Ottawa

    The idea of wallpaper installation Ottawa in the living room or bedroom is a welcoming change compared to the simple painting propositions. It is aesthetically amusing and confers personalized tastes and preferences. No matter how exciting it may seem, you will require professional assistance to attain flawless results. So, MR Painting brings to you exceptional wallpaper services, including installation and removal, which can transform your interior decor instantly!

    Our wallpaper installation services are backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals having ample access to all the resources required for a splendid job. At MR Painting, we also offer solutions for removing your old and dull wallpaper and putting up a new one in fresh murals or stylish geometric patterns. Be assured our wallpaper installers have got you covered!

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    Dabbing some glue and sticking the wallpaper on the wall! If you think it is to be so simple, you are not on the right page! Unfortunately, you cannot achieve the best results, and your wallpaper will look messy with lots of creases and folds! It is always a good idea to seek the assistance of professional wallpaper installation contractors in Ottawa for avoiding all the troubles and save you time and money!

    Available in multiple textures like fabric, vinyl, grasscloth, etc. properly installed wallpaper can add a new perspective to a room, delivering a pleasant appeal. But, when unevenly applied, it gives you an extremely unprofessional and distasteful look. Wallpaper installation Ottawa by MR Painting is manoeuvred by a crew of specially trained and licensed professionals commanding a comprehensive understanding of the various skills and techniques required for spectacular service quality. Explore maximum impact with minimum investment from the house of certified professionals!

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    Renowned for peerless wallpaper installation services, MR Painting thrives to excel in meeting your expectations and putting in the best efforts to keep improving the service quality. Through our holistic approach, we delve into the needs of our clients, which helps us in delivering customized solutions with zero chance of error. Every crew member is equally trained and equipped so that we never run out of experienced men! Measuring, preparing, cutting, and installing- the craftsmen at MR Painting perform every task with utmost precision and sheer diligence to surpass your expectation every time!

    MR Painting – Your Best Choice for Wallpaper Services!

    Patience, dedication, and determination- the true spirit of MR Painting! Installation or wallpaper replacement Ottawa, we have expertise in handling all wallpaper services with the assurance of superior quality solutions and extended longevity. Our experts are here to offer you a remarkable finish as they administer each project with extreme care and attention that comes at the cost of zero hassle and mess!

    The astounding project management skills of our crew ensure you have a smooth and organized experience throughout the project journey. We work according to the convenience of our clients, enabling profound flexibility in scheduling dates. MR Painting is a close knitted group of professionals, always on the go to upgrade skills and stay updated with the latest developments in the industry.

    Being the wallpaper removal experts Ottawa, we can help you get rid of your old wallpaper without leaving stains or blemishes on your wall. You get a smooth surface ready to be painted or wallpaper installed. Whether you are considering removing old wallpaper, installing a new one, or both, MR Painting is your one-stop destination.

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      FAQ - Wallpaper Installation Ottawa

      • Do you prime walls before hanging wallpaper?

        The adhesion of wallpaper depends entirely on the texture of the surface. Uneven surfaces with bumps, holes, cracks, and pits will not support proper wallpaper adhesion. The wallpaper will come off the wall within a short period. So, we always prefer priming the surface (if not done before) before installing wallpaper. It will ensure a smoothened finish and extended durability.

      • Can I paint the walls after wallpaper removal?

        Yes, you can. But wallpaper removal is an intense job requiring the application of steam and extensive scraping. Thus, your walls undergo some degree of damage. The surface becomes uneven; not suitable for paint. So, the repair is essential before applying paint to restore the original condition of the wall. You can put any paint after adequate surface preparation.

      • Can I repair torn wallpaper?

        You can fix small tears by applying some glue and smoothening out the wallpaper. However, if the tear is big and the piece is missing, you will have to replace or remove the wallpaper. Sometimes, patching comes in handy when you have a piece of the same wallpaper that you can trim and paste over the damaged part.

      • How to buy wallpapers?

        Before you go wallpaper shopping, measure the total projected area to understand the quantity of wallpaper you require. Wallpapers are available in rolls in distinct sizes. So you can either buy a single roll or double roll (also called a bolt) that meets your requirement.