Fence Painting & Staining In Ottawa

Update the fence on your property to prolong its lifespan and to add some curb appeal to your home. MR Painting offers professional fence painting and fence staining in the Ottawa area.


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    Ottawa Fence Painting and Fence Staining

    Although painting a fence seems as simple as grabbing a brush and slapping on a fresh coat of paint, there’s a lot more to it than you might think. To ensure a picture-perfect finish for your fence, call on the professional fence painting crew at MR Painting.

    Our team of painters are trained to do the proper prep work, to paint with different materials and paints, and to keep your property clean. Whether your fence is made of wood, metal, or composite, MR Painting has the equipment and the experience to paint your fence with a smooth and lasting finish.

    There’s no easier way to increase the curb appeal of your home than to have a freshly painted fence that accentuates your property. Contact us today for a free quote for our fence painting and staining services!

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    We’re proud to be your locally trusted Ottawa fence painting and fence staining company. With nearly 20 years of delivering superior painting results to our clients in and around the Ottawa area, we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the look of your newly painted fence. From the moment you contact us, we’ll make your experience with us as smooth and simple as possible. We feature competitive prices, quality labour and a strong commitment to working within your budget and timeline. To find out more and to get your FREE, no-obligation quote, contact the friendly painting professionals at MR Painting in Ottawa.

    Benefits Of Fence Painting & Staining

    If you’re on the fence about either painting or staining your fence, you should consider the several benefits that it provides.

    Aside from having a visually appealing update to your property, painting your fence also provides protection against the elements. A wooden fence is the most common choice for fencing material and if not treated, painted, or stained the wood can begin to warp, crack, and lose its natural colour.

    Paint will give you the most amount of variety for colours and will also provide the best protection for your fence. A typical painted fence can last for up to 10 years depending on the weather and the type of paint used. Staining on the other hand, will still provide protection, but it’s not as effective as paint. Staining your fence does however allow you to showcase the natural grain of the wood – which most people prefer. If you opt for staining your fence, it will likely have to be re-stained every 2-3 years.

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      FAQ - Fence Painting & Staining In Ottawa

      • What Is The Benefit Of Painting Or Staining A Fence?
        There are two big reasons why people paint or stain their fences. The first reason is aesthetics – paints and stains can change the visual of a fence by enhancing the earthy tones of the wood or changing its color entirely. The second reason is protection – paints and stains help to protect a fence from the elements by adding an extra layer to the wood. Adding paint or stain can change the appearance and improve the durability of a fence. Contact our team today for more information about fence paints and stains!
      • What's The Difference Between Painting And Staining?

        Painting and staining are both great options, it just depends on what you are looking for. Paint allows for a wider variety of color choices and can be matched to other paints in and around your home. Stains offer more natural colours to enhance the visual of the wood that was already there. Stains are easier to apply because their runny consistency lowers the possibility of visible mistakes and they only require one coat. Most paints will need the deck to be primed, painted with multiple coats, and sealed to protect against weather. Reach out to our team today for a free quote and speak to one of our team members about what option may be right for your fence!

      • How Long Does It Take To Paint Or Stain A Fence?
        The amount of time needed to paint or stain a fence depends on the size and condition of the fence, the weather, and whether you have chosen paint or stain. Painting a fence means cleaning the fence, priming the fence, multiple coats of paint, and a sealing coat, whereas stain only requires one coat. To stain an average amount of fence in good condition, will take around one day. Painting a fence that is larger than average or in poor condition, in bad weather can take around three days. For a free quote on your fence, contact our team today!
      • What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Paint Or Stain A Fence?
        It is best to paint or stain a fence in late spring to summer. The weather forecast should be clear with low humidity and the ground should be mostly dry. Temperature is best when it is sunny and warm, but still cool enough to work outside during the day. Conditions should stay similar for a few days to ensure that you have enough time to plan if there are last minute changes to the weather. For help planning the right time to paint or stain your fence, contact our team today!
      • Will There Be Damage To My Lawn?

        Before our team begins painting or staining, they will cover everything that could potentially get paint or stain on it. There will be a 2–4-inch area of grass around the fence that will have some stain or paint on it, but this is expected to be gone after about 2 weeks. If there is anything specific you would like our team to cover or pay special attention to, feel free to let us know. For any more information about our fence painting and staining, contact us today!