Commercial Painting In Ottawa

From interior & exterior commercial painting for Ottawa businesses to epoxy, dry-fall painting and more, business owners & property managers count on MR Painting.


    How We Work

    Epoxy Coating For Commercial Floors

    Looking for commercial painting professionals to rejuvenate your space in Ottawa? Epoxy floor painting is a highly effective means of protecting floors on commercial properties and giving an ease of maintenance as well as a bright, shiny appearance. Epoxy floor coating is ideal for warehouses, industrial facilities, manufacturing sites and even some retail showrooms (depending on the type of product and business). If you have a heavy traffic environment, epoxy flooring is a great option. We can also apply concrete floor polishing if that’s what you are looking for.

    At MR Painting, Ottawa’s trusted commercial painting team, we’ll assess your floor coating needs and discuss materials with you such as epoxy or urethane that will shine bright and give your floors a long run of clean, durable use.

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    Interior & Exterior Commercial painting for Businesses

    Whether you have a retail business, an office, a warehouse or other commercial facility in Ottawa, painting the exterior and/or interior is one of the key steps in creating a strong impression for guests and staff alike. Restaurants and stores, for example, have to keep up appearances and make their outside and indoor surroundings appealing for customers. A fresh coat of paint in a new, vibrant colour can make an office team feel like it’s not the same-old routine. Warehouses and commercial facilities rely on painting for clean appearances and for actual cleanliness (such as a polished or epoxy floor).

    When it comes to Ottawa commercial painters, MR Painting is an experienced, trusted choice for many business owners and property managers. Our experience and professionalism guide us on every commercial painting project we take on. Get in touch with us today to find out more and get started on your next painting task.

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    How we go above & beyond to deliver

    We’re proud to be your locally trusted Ottawa painting company and window washers. With nearly two decades of delivering superior results to happy clients, we back up every project with reliable and friendly painting or window washing services. From the moment you contact us, we will make your experience with us as smooth and simple as possible. We feature competitive prices, quality labour and a strong commitment to working within budgets and timelines. To find out more and to get your FREE, no-obligation quote, contact the friendly pros at MR Painting in Ottawa.

    The Many Benefits of dry-fall Painting

    Dry-Fall painting – also known as “Drop Dry Painting” – is a painting process that enables droplets of paint to dry more quickly. Any excess paint simply falls off and can be easily swept away, as opposed to traditional paint that can stick to other surfaces and cause unwanted issues. At MR Painting in Ottawa, we use the dry-fall painting technique with expertise and experience for commercial painting projects including storage facilities, warehouses, exterior painting of large structures and much more.

    Our clientele have appreciated the dry-fall process for its clean approach to spray-painting larger surfaces and areas, providing better containment and a more attractive painting results. To find out more about dry-fall and to see how it can help your next Ottawa commercial painting project, contact us today.

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      FAQ - Commercial Painting In Ottawa

      • What Is Commercial Painting?

        Commercial painting involves both interior and exterior painting applications of commercial spaces like restaurants, stores, and office buildings. MR Painting works with businesses across Ottawa to create functional and visually appealing spaces.

      • Why Should You Paint Your Commercial Space?

        A professional commercial paint job can help bring new life to your business. An updated look and feel to your space can potentially attract more customers, can increase the productivity of your business, and can also increase the value of your building.

        The interior aesthetic of your commercial space also ties into your entire brand and has the opportunity to create a great first impression – and a lasting one as well.

      • How Long Does A Commercial Painting Job Take?

        The time it takes to complete a commercial paint job depends on several factors:

        • Size of the project
        • Complexity of the design
        • Weather
        • Existing condition of walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces
        • Amount of manpower available
        • Agreed upon deadlines

        It’s important to discuss the logistics of the job before getting a quote. All of this information can affect the budget and the timeline of your commercial paint job.

      • What Should You Do To Prepare For An Estimate?

        To get the most accurate estimates, it’s recommended that you:

        • List all of the work that you want done
        • Discuss finishes, designs, and colours
        • Make reference to your likes and dislikes
        • Provide dimensions of the space

        It’s also important to get quotes from several painting companies before agreeing with the first quote you get. The cheapest quote is not always the best, especially if you’re looking for exceptional results. Contact MR Painting today to get a quote for your commercial painting needs.

      • How Should You Prepare Your Commercial Space For Painting?


        Our painting crew can take care of covering and protecting all your office furniture, floors, and fixtures before starting to paint. Something that you can do to help the process is to remove any small or delicate items that you don’t want to get covered in paint. If you have any large furniture or appliances that need to be moved, we are also able to move them upon request.