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    MR Painting: Warranty Policy

    With over 18 years in the industry we have accomplished the worthy reputation and trust of numerous property owners. Our sheer commitment and devotion has fetched overwhelming results across diverse sectors. Though our primary focus is to furnish utmost service satisfaction, we are also concerned about offering your property complete protection for the years to come. Ensuring you enjoy absolute peace of mind, we provide two years of warranty on all kinds of painting services. So you can remain stress-free about your great-looking house or building for the next couple of years after the project completion.

    If you notice issues like blistering, peeling, or chipping paint within the period of warranty, give us a call immediately, and our crew will be right there to restore the problem.

    Limited Two-Year Warranty on Service

    Accountable to the limitations set forth below, for a term of 24 months from the date of completion of the project described on the front of your Contract, MR Painting Inc. will repair peeling, blistering, or chipping paint following the consequences of faulty workmanship.

    The repairs will be performed only on the distinctive areas where peeling, blistering, or chipping has developed. It is to be noted that such repair work extends only to the level of surface preparation as cited in the Contract.

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    • This limited warranty is the only written certification provided by the Contractor and is in place of all other warranties, implied or expressed.
    • The warranty is valid only on the services furnished by the Contractor to the original customer mentioned on the front of the Contract.
    • By no means shall the Contractor be accountable for peripheral or substantial damages or damages exceeding the amount of the original Contract price.
    • Amendment or extension of this warranty is not viable unless a written document is executed by all the parties to the Contract.

    This Limited Warranty does not Cover:

    • A service that is not provided by the Contractor.
    • Any project that does not include the supply of paints and other raw materials by the Contractor.
    • The cost of paint for repair work.
    • Surfaces that are varnished or glazed.
    • Galvanised metal surfaces.
    • Environmental conditions affecting the original color and finish of all kinds of paints.
    • Any form of repair work to horizontal or other surfaces that allows moisture accumulation caused due to structural arrangement. These include but are not limited to decks, railings, stairs, roofs, porches, and wooden gutters.
    • Bleeding arising due to rust, knots, or cedar.
    • Defective paint repairs irrespective of the fact whether the paint was supplied by the consumer or the Contractor.
    • Cracks and rupture in drywall, wood, or plaster.

    Apart from the aforesaid citations, this limited warranty is also not applicable for blistering, peeling, or chipping of paints caused due to:

    • Coarse cleaning or mistreatment.
    • Damage arising from the use of harsh cleaning agents or chemicals or exposure to hazardous solids, liquids, and gases.
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Mill-glazing from smooth cedar.
    • Surface abuse and abrasion.
    • All sorts of mechanical damage.
    • Existing peeling of paint layers before the Contractor service.
    • Settling or movement.
    • Defects in the original structure.
    • Substrate moisture content.
    • Whole or partial damages or defects resulting from fire, explosion, flood, extreme weather conditions, and acts of God.
    • Damages beyond the control of the Contractor, like vandalism, alterations, negligence, and similar other causes.

    The Warranty is Valid Only When You:

    • Have paid the full Contract price.
    • Have made the complete payment of all the materials required for the repair work.
    • Retain the original Contract copy.
    • Retain the evidence of the full Contract price payment.
    • Make your property accessible to the Contractor or the crew members to execute repair work.

    You enjoy specific legal rights with this warranty. Certain jurisdictions do not permit limitations on the tenure of the implied warranty. So, the above limitations may not be applicable to you. Also, some jurisdictions do not allow the elimination or limitation of peripheral or consequential damages. Thus, the aforesaid elimination or limitation may not apply to you.
    To receive warranty service, you must contact your Contractor at +1(613) 219-9922 to schedule a property inspection. Or you can send an email to the address mentioned in front of your Contract.