How Often Should The Interior Of A Commercial Space or Home Be Repainted?

  • Posted On: July 20, 2022
  • Posted By: admin

Adding paint to your home or office is a cost-effective and straightforward way to refresh it – and increase its value. How often should you do it if you want to repaint your interior walls? Experts usually recommend repainting every seven to ten years (or sooner) based on various factors. If you use interior commercial painting services, you can better understand when to repaint your interior using interior commercial painting services based on the following factors.

Areas with high traffic

There is a good chance that your hallways will need to have painting done frequently. There are a lot of scuffing, fingerprinting, denting, stains, and wear and tear on hallways. Eventually, you will need to repaint your walls, even if you wash them and do some easy repairs. The corridors of a house, whether entryways or stairwells, see a lot of wear and tear. Professionals can also do the interior commercial painting. The kitchen and bathroom are also areas of high traffic in the house. It may be necessary to paint these rooms more often since they are the busiest. The kitchen walls may stain with food, smoke, and grease. Moisture and humidity issues can affect the surface paint in the bathroom. Repainting bathrooms and kitchens every 3-5 years is necessary because of these factors.

Areas that have gone unnoticed

Ceilings, baseboards, and trim are easy to overlook when considering a commercial interior painting Ottawa, but you shouldn’t. Kitchen ceilings can be covered up, little shoes can scuff baseboards, and window trim can be chipped or unprotected. You can transform your interior by painting these areas. 

A change in taste

Our tastes and likes will inevitably change throughout our lives. The color of a room may vary a few years from now when you have new furniture, a new child, or a new member of the family living in the home. It is possible to solve the problem with a new paint job provided by commercial interior painters Ottawa. Depending on your lifestyle, every three-five years is another reasonable estimate. Particularly for children, bedrooms may need painting. Color preferences and favorite colors change as children grow and change. Having children spend so much time in their rooms also contributes to the need to repaint them more frequently. Other activities can wear and tear the walls, such as drawing on them, scuffing them with shoes, scratching them with sticky fingers, and scuffing them with shoes.

Impact of the weather

A home’s or office paint may wear and tear more or less depending on the weather where you live. If you live near an ocean, your paint interior commercial building may have access to salt. A wall, ceiling, baseboard, or window trim may lose luster and shine if exposed to more sunlight. MR Painting can help you revitalize your interior in no time with a few cans of paint and our professional assistance. A new paint job’s impact on your home is incredible, whether you have a significant renovation planned or changed your taste. Get a free quote from us now!