How to Choose the Right Team for Commercial Painting in Ottawa

  • Posted On: May 3, 2021
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Looking for a reliable team of commercial painting contractors?

Getting a sudden burst of motivation to revamp the look of your business?

Or maybe you are moving into a new commercial space or property?

From offices and retail storefront interiors to the exterior of restaurants and other commercial properties, painting helps make a positive first impression with potential customers – and it sets the right tone for the people who work there.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there are dozens of commercial painting contractors in Ottawa. But which one is the right fit for you?

Choosing the right contractor is perhaps the most challenging part of the whole process. To help you whittle the process down, we’ve created a list of tips to follow that will help ensure that you select the best crew for your Ottawa commercial painting needs.

Step 1: Plan your Budget for Commercial Painting

a commercial painting contractor painting the exterior of an office buildingOne of the most important factors to consider before beginning your search for contractors is budget.

Your budget will set the tone for the quality of materials and labour that will be applied to your commercial paint project, as well as the size and scope of the project.

Be wary of contractors who tease a relatively “low” price tag. This low price tag will reflect the quality of the work – often with a direct correlation. The only things guaranteed when hiring these contractors are inferior quality paint and lack of proper painting experience by the team in question.

On the other hand, it’s also best to avoid overpriced contractors hiding behind a false brand promise of “luxury services” – without being able to back it up with solid reviews, testimonials, and photos/video of their work.

Instead, search for commercial painting crews who work with high quality paint & materials, and who have a depth of experience in commercial painting and are able to deliver value for the price you pay.

Step 2: Search for Practical Options When Choosing A Commercial Painting Crew

exterior painting crewThe internet is home to many business review websites that will help you look for commercial painting in Ottawa.

Have a list in your mind of things to look out for when looking at each company. Consider things such as the reputation of the company, its proximity to you, and whether their services comply with your budget.

Don’t just rely on the internet; alternatively, ask friends, neighbours, or family members who have recently done a paint job and are satisfied with the work.

Get referrals from them and search about the companies they suggested, looking at others’ reviews as well.

Step 3: Getting Estimates on Commercial Painting Projects

After narrowing down your search to a few potential companies, get estimates from each commercial painting contractor and compare between them, keeping your list of expectations in mind.

Make sure that each estimate includes a breakdown of:

  • labour costs
  • material costs
  • how much time the project will take
  • how many coats of primer and paint will be done
  • the amount of surface preparation that will be done

Pricing is one of the key factors in any project, so make sure you’re getting a specific definition of precisely what you’re getting. That way you can compare apples to apples, and make sure you’re getting solid value for your investment in commercial painting.

Step 4: Get a Contract and Pay the Bulk Once Painting is Complete

exterior painting contractor painting a hard to reach spotOnce you decide the commercial painting company you’re going to work with, make sure you obtain a written contract.

This contract should clearly state all the contractor’s important information: name, address, office and cell phone numbers, and all the details that were agreed upon in the estimate.

Another key factor to look out for is whether the commercial painting contractor has insurance coverage from the painter’s liability and workers compensation insurance certificate – in Ontario, this is known as WSIB

If a commercial painting contractor isn’t covered by WSIB (run!), this means you could be responsible for any accidents that happen while working on your project.

Finally, avoid making big down payments, and aim for a down payment between 10%. Only once the job is finished and you’re satisfied with the work should you make the final payment.

The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Painting Experts

Commercial painting is a big project to take on without the help of industry professionals with vast experience in the field. Some of the benefits of hiring commercial painters include:

Quality Results

With the help of a professional painting crew, your space will be painted with great skill and quality.

Clean Finish

Professionals will be sure to leave your space looking perfect with clean edges on the paint and the exact colours that you were looking for. They will handle any necessary touch-ups that may be required to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the painting in your space.

Efficient & Timely

A professional painting crew will also have your space painted in a timely manner. Quick and efficient painting allows you to get back to using your space as fast as possible while still getting the look that you were hoping for. With high-quality work and paints, the professional commercial painting will also last far longer than other work, with less need for touch-ups over the years.

Less Stress

One of the most important benefits of hiring a professional painting crew is the reduction in stress that they offer at the moment. A crew of professionals will remove all of the stress of painting a large space. They will provide you with quality painting in your space on a timely schedule that will last you a long time so that you can focus on other things. Trust a professional painting crew to help bring your space to life.

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