10 Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating for Commercial Buildings

  • Posted On: October 17, 2022
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Flooring is often given not much importance in commercial buildings since most business or property owners think it to be an additional headache, having nothing to do with the look and feel of the space. Do you believe a concrete floor is just enough? Bright yellow painted walls and a bunch of sophisticated furniture may impart an impressive appeal but is incomplete without a high sheen and durable floor coating.

Today, businesses run on brand value. And it takes a lot to establish a brand! Chic and vibrant office space is a prerequisite that influences productivity. And when it is about flooring, always consider safety and aesthetics. Epoxy floor coating is one of the most reliable choices for commercial buildings ensuring lasting protection and beauty to the concrete floor. We assure you will not think twice once the benefits are revealed!

Top 10 Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy coating is a combination of synthetic polymer resins and hardeners that almost aids the finish of hard plastic. Commercial epoxy floor coating is commonly used in well-trafficked zones for its endurance capability.

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Let us check out the amazing benefits of epoxy flooring:

  • The epoxy coating acts as a protective layer to the concrete substratum. It seals and covers all the imperfections making your floor look sleek and flawless.
  • The incredible glimmer of epoxy boosts the appearance of the space. When light bounces from the sparkling yellow epoxy floor in your office, we are sure you will experience an all-new dimension!
  • Being a highly durable flooring material, epoxy has spectacular mechanical and chemical resistance properties. It can withstand heavy physical impacts and is non-reactive to chemical and water damage. Alongside, if you are worried about its heat endurance ability, let us tell you that epoxy can bear temperatures up to 200 Fahrenheit and more!
  • When you choose epoxy flooring for building, you can remain carefree about its maintenance. The smooth and lustrous finish of epoxy floors is easy to clean and scratch-resistant when using bulky cleaning appliances.
  • Epoxy possesses superior tensile strength unlike other flooring materials like tiles, vinyl, etc. When concrete floors are brittle and prone to cracks and holes, a layer of epoxy coating will improve its toughness.
  • As an eco-friendly material, epoxy is considered a green flooring option. The installation is much easier and leaves almost zero residues.
  • If you are seeking a cost-effective yet attractive flooring alternative, we bet nothing can beat epoxy! Where tile and vinyl require a complicated installation and removal technique, epoxy demand the application of multiple coats. Sounds like painting walls, isn’t it?
  • The best epoxy floor coating can last for years! Once you get it done, you can forget about getting it redone no time sooner!
  • Epoxy does not emit any harmful elements and is completely safe for the environment. It does not allow the accumulation of dirt and grime and the spread of floor germs and bacteria.
  • Lastly, you can ride your car or motorcycle on an epoxy floor! The material is extensively compatible with vehicle movement.

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