Points to Consider Before Painting Wooden Fence

  • Posted On: December 22, 2022
  • Posted By: admin

A layer of fresh paint on your old wooden fence can instantly offer a new crisp look. It is a very convenient way to boost the aesthetics of your property and protect your fence from various elements. But fence painting Ottawa is an immensely demanding job. Spraying some stain or slapping some paintbrush strokes randomly, will not provide the best results.

It takes a lot more than choosing and applying paint colors! From adequate surface preparation to using the ideal equipment, you have several significant points to consider. Since you do not paint your fence very often, you are likely to get it done correctly in the first shot!

Checkpoints for Wooden Fence Painting

A laborious and precise task like fence painting or fence staining is best left to the professionals for their skills and expertise. They are aware of the right techniques, the type of paint that will suit your fence, and other crucial factors.

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Before you begin to paint your wooden fence, we have sorted out some of the most significant guidelines. Check them out:

  • Making a plan is your foremost priority. It will ease down the entire process, and you can work systematically. The total area you need to paint, the type of finish you want, the quality of the paint, etc. will help you to determine fence painting cost so that you are aware of your investments and there are no uninvited surprises!
  • Proper surface preparation is the key to accomplishing a smooth and flawless finish. If you notice cracks or holes in your fence, repair it before proceeding to paint. Mow tall grasses that have made the lower part of the fence inaccessible, remove molds and other vegetation from the surface, replace broken wood pieces, scrape off old flaking paint, clean with wooden cleaner, and protect your landscape from paint drips.
  • Do not skip primer after prepping the surface! To achieve the best fence paint results, ensure you have a smooth canvas. It also encourages better coverage of the top coat and improves its durability. Also, if your fence has got stubborn stains and other imperfections, primer is the best way to hide them all!
  • Choosing between paint and the best fence stain Ottawa is an impactful decision. Paint is available in a plethora of shades and offers higher UV protection. Stain is semi-transparent and is greatly preferred when you desire to enhance the appearance of the wooden grains. Though paint has greater longevity than stain, it is entirely up to your preferences.
  • Whether paint or stain, using the right equipment and techniques will give the desired finish. Whether a roller or a sprayer, your painting professional knows the appropriate tool.
  • Lastly, warmer days are better for fence painting than the colder months. With the dry and warm weather conditions, your paint will set and cure better.

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Now you know it is wiser to reach out to the professionals for fence painting services if you do not wish to commit a blunder! Wasting time and money is not worth it!